● We provide environments such as free registration of layers / libraries, customization of menus, programming languages, and database publishing for users' own operations.

● When user-specific technical information exists, this custom function can prevent the outflow of technical know-how.

● Customization allows you to make a smooth transition when switching to [START].

■ Database release
The database of this system is open to the public in ASCII. ・ ・ ・ "SSF" (START STACK FORMAT)
You can use this format to import patterns and attribute values, or use them for other formats.
If you create an SSF with another program, you can use it as a programming editor.

■ Dedicated programming language
The dedicated programming language "SeF" (START EXCUTE FORMAT) can execute specific programming processing on the placement data.

■ Menu customization
By configuring a menu that suits your work and building your own tool environment, you can achieve unique workability.

Unique customization can set you apart from your competitors.

■ Custom case
Introducing application examples in specialized fields.

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