Edit / Correction / Inspection:CAM

● With carefully selected functions, we will support the manufacturing process of electronic devices to the maximum extent possible.

● In addition to the DRC / MRC function according to the situation, the custom DRC that can be set by the user improves rework and yield, and reduces manufacturing costs.

■ Design rule check
Depending on the check level, you can select from three types of settings: simple, detailed, and custom.
In addition, specific tests can be added at any time by programming when they need to be added.

■ Data cleaning
Detects deficiencies in the data to be used and converts it to appropriate data according to the state.
You can dramatically improve the performance of the next process.

■ Correction editing
Equipped with various special correction functions in the manufacturing process.
We will improve quality and reduce costs in manufacturing.

■ Drawing
A convenient function for creating general-purpose drawings using design / manufacturing data is provided as standard.
You can create regular drawings for meetings, design approvals, manufacturing processes, product attachments, etc.

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