Device design:CAD

● Supports wiring design for a wide variety of electronic devices with different manufacturing environments.
Equipped with functions specialized for designing 3D laminated structures.
Achieves high efficiency in each design work from concept design to manufacturing.

● There is no limit to the layer configuration and library registration that affect the performance of the tool.
You can build your own design for next-generation electronic devices.

● In addition to manual operation using the command menu, automation using the programming function enables users to save time and improve quality.

■ Wiring design
It is equipped with functions for designing various electronic devices such as Si interposers and RDL wiring as well as rigid boards / flexible boards.

■ Package substrate
We support various package designs due to differences in manufacturing processes.
Chip information can be used smoothly for efficient design.

■ State-of-the-art module
You can build a design that fits the structure of a state-of-the-art electronic device.
The layer configuration according to manufacturing can be set freely without any restrictions.

■ Specialized function
We support the development of new devices for the next generation and special data processing.
A new style of design is realized by customizing with a dedicated program language.

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