● Supports input / output of various general-purpose formats for wiring boards.
  Various text data can be used as START data.

● With the cooperation of SIM vendors / equipment vendors, we have developed and provided a direct interface without intermediate files.

● You can build a new interface using programming.

■ Input / output format
It supports input / output of 2D format used in the manufacture of organic substrates and semiconductors.
Attributes can be added to non-attribute pattern data with the attached text.

■ Analysis interface
You can directly output the positive data of the analysis tool vendor.
Analysis models can be developed in collaboration with three companies (SIM vendor / user / FIRST).

■ Post-process interface
We provide custom formats for effective cooperation with post-processes.
The collaboration between the three companies (device manufacturer / user / FIRST) is extremely effective.

■ Special interface
Introducing other I / O related functions.
Make the most of the available data to improve efficiency.

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