Introducing START

[START] is a design software that combines [CAD / CAM], [2D / 3D], and [manual operation / programming] developed / sold by FIRST Co., Ltd. since 1991.

[START] is a Japanese original design tool specializing in electronic device manufacturing that can be used in a Windows environment.

[START] is an all-in-one software equipped with all the functions related to [design / schematic / editing / inspection / manufacturing / interface / programming / customization etc].

Biography of START

Since the sale, there has been no replacement of licenses for higher models due to function expansion.
Supports upgrades to higher models by continuing maintenance contracts.

In addition to the main body version upgrades more than four times a year, spot release by SeF custom program for each user is executed at any time.

■ 1991: PCB design CAD, UNIX version released
■ 1997: First in the industry! Released Windows NT version
■ 1999: First in the industry! Released CAD / CAM fusion
■ 2004: Released “START” (ver3) for cell structure
■ 2006: Japanese / English bilingual support for overseas expansion
■ 2009: Adopted as a design tool in national projects
■ 2011: Active as a bridging tool for government-academic industry cooperatives
■ 2013: Adopted as a design tool for optoelectronics
■ 2014: Released a renewal version Ver4 for next generation electronic devices that support the hetology-dias structure
■ 2015: Released SeF, a dedicated programming language, as a programming design tool
■ 2018: DEMITASNX direct interface released
■ 2019: Launch of new version 5 advance trial version
■ 2020: Released ver5.0 supporting Unicode
■ 2021: The programming language SeF has been implemented in the schematic editor.
■ 2022: Gerber read conversion system/custom DRC system
■ 2023: Implement SeF, a programming language for bitmap interfaces
■ 2024: Adopted as a tool for chiplet design

National project achievements

[START] is a state-of-the-art research and development operation.

■ 「ASET」Dream Chip Project
■ Research on noise reduction technology of LTE class RFIC
■ Development of ultra-low loss SiC power devices
■ Ultra-low power consumption optoelectronic technology development
■ CMOS sensor 3DIC implementation development
■ Quantum annealing 3DIC integrated mounting technology development


Main Specifications

[START] is an all-in-one CAD / CAM fusion software that can be used in a Windows environment.
The version is updated several times throughout the year.

■ OS: Complies with Windows environment
■ Menu display: Command switching between Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean mode
■ Data accuracy: 1nm (0.000001mm)
■ Work area: □ 2000m (2km)
■ Database: ASCII (UTF-8)publicly available SSF format (START STACK FORMAT)
■ Customized environment: Dedicated programming language SeF format (START execute FORMAT)
■ Multi-open window: Multiple data can be launched at the same time
■CAM Interface: DXF/274D/274X/BMP/GDSⅡ/ODB++/AIF
■3D Interface: IDF/IGES/STL

Product lineup

■ Simple and highly functional "CAD / CAM design tool" that can place / edit all objects
■ Manual operation with basic commands required for design / editing and SeF programming function can be used together.

■ "All-in-one design tool" equipped with all design / editing commands
■ All dedicated functions such as circuit diagram / bonding wire design / various corrections can be used.

■ "Creator tool" that allows Gerber-level editing / checking and programming
■ Build your own tools by SeF programming.

■ The latest viewer can be used free of charge only by user registration.
■ Supports SSF / GBR / DXF input, simple connection check, and 3D display.

Optional function
■ I / O formats can be added. ODB / GDSⅡ / AIF / IDF / IGES / ANF / XFL / SPD / DEMITASNX
■ Individual functions can be added to the SMART version.