Design by programming

The functions created by the user by programming realize the efficiency of design / editing / DRC work like never before.
The functions that can be processed by the current command menu can also be used in programming.

◆ In CAD design
(1) Maximize the available data and automate the initial settings.
⇒ Layer configuration list, parts library information, parts list conversion, netlist conversion, etc.
(2) Perform programming such as wiring with fixed rules and solid processing of empty space.
⇒Drawer wiring, pattern reinforcement, solid pattern creation, etc.

◆ In CAM editing
(1) Add a specific DRC item by programming and execute it.
(2) Automate the correction process of the error detection part.
(3) Automate the correction process for manufacturing.
(4) Automate manufacturing nesting design.

★ Users can add their own useful tools.
Example) Creating a parts library, solid pattern of empty space, simple imposition examination, outer diameter punching die check, etc.

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