Features of the free version of START Viewer

Although it is free of charge, it has unique functions other than data confirmation and can be used in an applied manner.
If you register as a user, you will be able to send confirmation data with dedicated SSG data.
* SSG: Gerber-level START data that holds layer configuration and net information. Prevents the leakage of design data.

■ [START] Not only can you check the data, but you can also check the Gerber and DXF formats.
■ Design data can be verified with measurement functions such as gap / angle / arc.
■ You can highlight the wiring route. (3D display is also possible.)
■ You can enter the inspection comment and output it as a file. (Normal data storage cannot be executed.)
■ If you use the published SSF format, you can also use it as an editor for programmers.

  • ◆ START Viewer can be used free of charge only by user registration. Sign up here.